A Letter to Americans

As a Chinese,  I am full of respect and feelings of longing to the United States, the United States has long been a lighthouse of freedom and hope all over the world.

We are clear, freedom relies on our own struggles, but the modern dictatorial system is extremely sophisticated, human rights are compromised intentionally or unintentionally when foreign policies is made, especially under the globalize economics backgrounds.

The American people will not forget the lessons of aspeasement policy, history will remember the splendor of the Marshall Plan.

Looking back at history, the Chinese people should be grateful to the government and people of the United States, we fought side by side to defeat fascism Japan in World War II, to create peace in East Asia, and the American people must believe that a free and prosperous China that best meet the vital interests of the United States.

Unfortunately, the Chinese people then living under the bamboo curtain[1], to become one of the socialist camp in the Cold War. This is the the military outcome rather than the will of the Chinese people.

To catch up with the pace of the world, China's reform and opening up since 1979. But the 1989 Tiananmen incident led this process of modernization astray, and economic success spoiling the Chinese authorities and left nothing to fear, the Chinese people continue to yearn for freedom behind the bars of GFW[2] in the era of Internet.

Americans invented the Internet, but also the Americans, help the Chinese government to build the GFW, this is certainly not the results Americans want. Chinese people yearn freedom the same as Americans do, while an autocratic reckless Chinese government will pose a great threat to the national interests of the United States, Americans are already out of the isolationist, thanks to the visionary Marshall Plan, Europe enjoys a long-term peace and prosperity.

We do not want to see the situation of China-US confrontation, as an ordinary citizen, I am confident that we are naturally friendly to each other. A free China like United States, most of the conflicts of interest between the two countries will be able to avoid.

However, there are frustrates when we fight for the freedom, the ordinary Chinese people, including anti-Japanese and anti-American civilians, are the product of asymmetric information after the Chinese Communist Party propaganda machine at it's full capacity. GFW is built by the Chinese government to shield the real information from ordinary Chinese people, it is not only the wall between two countries, but also the greatest obstacle when Chinese people in their road of quest for the freedom.

Now, we implore Americans to help to urge the U.S. government sanctions GFW technicians, please take a little time to sign a petition activities of the U.S. government website[3], I am convinced that this is not contrary to the spirit of freedom, but the punishment to the technology behaviors of trampling on freedom, since those technicians are informed of the purpose and the hazard of GFW.

Please support our efforts to fight for freedom!
Thank you!

[1]The Bamboo Curtain is a Cold War euphemism for the political demarcation between the Communist and non-communist states of East Asia, particularly the People's Republic of China. It is used less often than the eponymic "Iron Curtain" because the former shifted frequently.

【edited & translated by Er Win】